A Stoic Mnemonic in Hexameter


All beings chase their own good
Will rising from judgements,
Of all things in the world,
Our success or failures.

Happiness is our choice,
Virtue ever close to hand.
Mind is always up to us,
And with it our emotions.

To live in harmony
With all sacred nature,
Means first and most of all
Being joyous in your self.

For excellence in action,
Regardless of outcome,
And steadiness of soul,
Lie always in our power.

1 thought on “A Stoic Mnemonic in Hexameter

  1. Commentary:

    All beings pursue what they believe to be in their own best interest.
    From this arises their judgments about things, and from that their will to act.
    If successful in their actions they are happy, otherwise unhappy.
    Choose therefore what is entirely up to you, your own state of mind, and you will be happy.
    Things external to us are up to nature, therefore live in harmony with nature.
    This means living in harmony with yourself.
    This choice of virtue or excellence is always available to us.


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