Gaming Blog Transfer Complete

Well, I have officially shut down my long neglected gaming blog and transferred all the posts over here. Below was a post I made in 2013 that I’m re-posting for archival purposes. I have one more post (actually a series of posts) reviewing the latest edition of D&D that I’ll put up today as well. After that it’s on to new material.

Best wishes,


— begin archival re-post —

While I would like to strike with the proverbial iron still glowing, and I have plenty of material waiting to be posted, there will be no blog update today. My lady love has requested a trip to Disneyland for her birthday, and like any good knight-errant I cannot refuse her. Therefore I wish you all a pleasant day at work, for I have a date with a mouse.


Well, I’m back internet. You may be wondering what happened at Disneyland in March, that being the last post I made before abandoning this blog. I could give you a litany of excuses: work, apartment hunting, studying for a new computer certification, the demands of the spiritual life (woo boy), my OTHER writing interests, abduction by mouse-ear wearing Dero ( blah blah blah.


The truth is that I haven’t really been gaming and, as such, I haven’t been thinking about gaming. Thus the iron gears of logic dictate that I haven’t been WRITING about gaming. Tis a viscous cycle, you see? But the worm Ouroboros stirs again and I find myself longing for that sweet fantastic other-shore of adventure. Therefore, while your poor author is still sans-gaming group, I will begin to write about gaming. It stands to reason that writing about gaming requires thinking about gaming, or at least implies it may happen on occasion. With enough luck my thoughts may attract the grace of the gaming gods and a group will be granted unto me. How’s that for magical thinking?

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