Solvitur Ambulando

“I was often reduced to such expedients when wandering in strange lands, camping on glaciers, and so on.  I fixed it workably well.  In Mexico, D.F. for instance, I took my bedroom itself for the Circle, my night-table for the Altar, my candle for the Lamp; and I made the Weapons compact.  I had a Wand eight inches long, all precious stones and enamel, to represent the Tree of Life; within, an iron tube containing quicksilver—very correct, lordly, and damsilly.  What a club!  Also, bought, a silver-gilt Cup; for Air and Earth I made one sachet of rose-petals in yellow silk, and another in green silk packed with salt.  In the wilds it was easy, agreeable and most efficacious to make a Circle, and build an altar, of stones; my Alpine Lantern served admirably for the Lamp.  It did double duty when required: e.g. in partaking of the Sacrament of the Four Elements, it served for Fire.  But your conditions are not so restricted as this.”

“Now, as many are fully occupied with their affairs, let it be known that this method is adaptable to the necessities of all. And We bear witness that this which followeth is the Crux and Quintessence of the whole Method.  First, if he have no Image, let him take anything soever, and consecrate it as an Image of his God. Likewise with his robes and instruments, his suffumigations and libations: for his Robe hath he not a nightdress; for his instrument a walking stick; for his suffumigation a burning match; for his libation a glass of water? But let him consecrate each thing that he useth to the service of that particular Deity, and not profane the same to any other use.”

A Weekend Evocation

There is a moment in every evocation where I find myself  intensely present.   Rather than entering into a fogged and hypnotized state, as the ignorant imagine must occur, I attain a sudden electric clarity.  It is as if my normal waking life is the one wrapped in mist and fog.  Here, in a circle marked out with pin-points of light, and wreathed in fumes of incense, my senses clear like a cloudless sky.

There are many reasons to practice evocation.  Perhaps the most obvious is that it is a form of magic that works, and works well.  Many students of the occult, no less than the ignorant, assume that ceremonial evocation is dangerous.   It certainly can be, if approached with a flippant attitude, or by the unbalanced.  It also requires a large amount of equipment and a considerable investment of time and energy.  These are, in my view, advantages in favor of the practice.   Evocation strengthens the will of the magician who practices it, and the successful conjurer has, through his own efforts, placed himself a cut above the aimless, drifting, dilettantes and armchair theorists that plague modern occult institutions.  Beyond these, however, evocation cuts straight to the heart of the magical tradition and gives the practitioner direct access to an entire system of philosophy no less profound or insightful than the ideologies revealed in books or classrooms.

The evoking magician interrogates directly the essential nature of things.  He gets behind phenomenon to the “geist”, within which all things have their unity.  For him, the ” dance of the veil of life on the face of the spirit” is not merely a poetic turn of phrase, but an accurate description of reality.   The “Word” as both mediator and savior is, for him, not an idle theological principle, but a phenomenon he has directly experienced.   Evocation is not merely an action one performs, or a skill one has, it is a way of being that changes the person who experiences it.   You will never again look at life the same way.

There is a living force of authority that all spirits obey.  The exorcist must connect to this current in order to successfully perform an evocation.  Even after the conclusion of  a successful evocation, this force stays with one for several hours.  While under its influence, the world is aglow like a million jewels.   One is viscerally part of the flowing river of creation, and yet, “I, who am all, and made it all, abide its separate Lord!”

What more can I say?  May those who have ears, hear.  May all those that will to attain, attain.  May all fallen spirits be redeemed.  May the Lord+ bless you and keep you, always.

PS:  Blessings and thanks to the most obedient spirit Marbas, who is true to his word.